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Advisory for Marijuana License Applicants

Advisory for Marijuana License Applicants

Dear Listserv subscribers,

It has been brought to our attention that a number of applicants have received a solicitation from a company about an impending universal February deadline for applicants to “get set up” and that the WSLCB will “no longer wait for your plan to come together.” This has caused some alarm among applicants and led to calls to the Liquor Control Board. Those claims are not true.

While some individual applicants may be facing deadlines in February those are not universal to every applicant. Any changes to the status of an individual application will be conveyed to the applicant by their investigator and universal changes regarding the implementation of I-502 will be communicated via official WSLCB channels including this Listserv. Applicants should be skeptical about any mass communications claiming to have inside information and treat them as hearsay or rumor until they speak with their WSLCB representative.

Thank you for your continued interest in the I-502 implementation process.

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