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How To Get I 502 Licenses

how to get I 502 licensesThe Washington Liquor Control Board stated in the I 502 draft rules that oils will not be permitted under I 502 rules.  This might have an effect on how to get I 502 licenses, because some people might be left out.  Oil extraction is a good way to get cannabis concentrated extraction.  Oils and extracts will not be available under I 502 licenses.

When you’re researching how to get I 502 licenses, take some WCI seminars.  The seminar goes over the rules of I 502 and cannabis education, like there are different means of measuring the amount of THC in a given sample of cannabis, in the same way there are different parts or extractions of cannabis which contain varied amount of the THC content. For example cannabis grown in Washington is used and extracted in three major forms. First it is used in the form of oil, second the resins are also important with respect to the usage of cannabis and third way is the production of flowers. As calculated by the Washington Cannabis Institute, there are different contents and percentages of THC found in cannabis.

The least content of THC is found in resin. It contains about 5 % of the total THC content. Similarly the cannabis oil contains up to 60 percent of the THC content. Similarly the concentration of THC found in flowers of cannabis is in varying amounts. It is basically not marijuana that dictates the potential harm, caused to the body but in fact it is the THC concentration present in the given sample of marijuana which also dictates the amendments in the I 502 laws in Washington.
Certain lab studies have also been carried out in Washington regarding the determination of the concentration of power content of cannabis which is THC. These measurements are therefore very important in determining and formulating the marijuana laws in Washington.

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how to get I 502 licensesYou can learn how to get I 502 licenses in a live seminar on June 29th of 2013 in Spokane, WA.  Washington Cannabis Institute with attorneys and will be hosting this live seminar to go over all aspects of marijuana business operation. Some of the featured guests include the licensing director from the Washington Liquor Control Board.

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