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How To Start A Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business Seminar  – DECEMBER 7 & 8, 2013 Washington Cannabis Institute will be hosting a live seminar on how to start a cannabis business in Washington State and how to use Traceability software for your business.  COST – $300.00 per person.

Here are the details of what the seminar covers: Starting a cannabis business.

how to start a cannabis business
If you would like to start a Access Point “Dispensary” or I 502 type business in Washington State this seminar is for you.  Our attorneys and industry professionals will help guide you in the right direction with the I502 regulations and licensing requirements.  Here are some of the advantages of attending WCI seminars:
  • We will cover a step by step instructions on I 502 business requirements as well as medical marijuana business.
  • Choosing the correct corporate structure for the I-502 commercial business.
  • What are the best locations to open your business.
  • Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger I-502 commercial operation.
  • I 502 retail license, I 502 producer license, I 502 processor license requirements.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Paying taxes.
  • Banking solutions for the cannabis industry.
  • General liability insurance to cover your business and crop.
  • Merchant account services for your business.
  • Industry referrals and contacts.
  • Packaging requirements.
  • Business policies and procedures for I 502
  • Traceability software use.
  • Advertising strategies.
  • Cannabis testing lab.
  • How much money will be needed to start a marijuana business.

Who will be teaching the seminar?

  • Cannabis tax accountant – Jeff Levell, cpa.
  • Cannabis business law attorney – Benjamin Schuster.
  • Traceability software – BiotrachTHC.
  • Cannabis Testing lab – Analitical360.
  • Insurance – Matt McColm, Farmers Ins.
  • And other cannabis industry professionals.


how to start a cannabis business
Cultivation: Take lessons from professional growers from Seattle’s best, Lifevine  Collective.
    • Get started and produce your own cannabis.
    • Learn to grow indoors, outdoors and hydroponics.
    • Instructions for  watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles.
    • Equipment that will be needed.
    • Learn how to grow indoor and outdoor, as well as hydroponic.
    • Cloning, soils.
    • Detailed instructions on pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing.
 Take instructions from veterans in the field.
how to start a cannabis businessMixer And Resources: get off on the right foot.
Objective: to insure that students feel comfortable and confident before leaving the two day workshop, to assist one another finding people that have knowledge and resources to help you in your goal of working within the cannabis industry:
    • First opportunity to meet and greet with others in the industry.
    • Exchange contact information to begin partnerships.

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