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Notice of Rulemaking – Pre-proposal #14-17

Notice of Rulemaking – Pre-proposal #14-17
Wednesday the Washington State Liquor Control Board filed a CR-101 (pre-proposal filing) to enter into the initial stage of rule-making to create revised rules in Chapter 314-55 WAC Marijuana licenses, application process, requirements and reporting.  

Revisions are needed to provide additional clarity to the marijuana rules to marijuana license applicants and potential marijuana licensees. This rulemaking will also include the emergency rule the board adopted on May 28, 2014, for the Good Laboratory Practices Checklist, Board Interim Policy -03-2014 Food Processing Facility Inspection, and implementation of the changes to the marijuana retailer and processor licenses in ESHB 2304 from the 2014 legislative session. During this stage of the rule-making process the Board is seeking public comment and input on how the public thinks the these portions should work and what type of changes are needed. 

Board staff will review the written input as it formulates draft rules. Once the draft rule is prepared, the Board will again seek comment on the draft version of the revised rules (CR 102), including at least one public hearing. Notices will also be sent via the I-502 Listserv maintained by the Liquor Control Board.  
Public Comment 
Please forward your initial comments to the Liquor Control Board by mail, e-mail, or fax by July 18, 2014. 
Mail:      Rules Coordinator              
             Liquor Control Board           
             P.O. Box 43080 
             Olympia, WA 98504-3080 

Email:    rules@liq.wa.gov

Fax:      360-664-9689

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