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Notice to Marijuana License Applicants

Dear Applicant,

As you are aware, our Marijuana Licensing Unit is processing a large amount of marijuana license applications to get the recreational marijuana market up and running. However, a significant portion of our License Investigators’ time (approximately 25 percent) is spent re-working applications when the applicant makes changes to the business structure and/or location during the licensing process. Making changes to those portions slows down the licensing process for all parties.

We believe that we share a common goal of getting the market up and running. Effective immediately, once an applicant has completed the initial interview with their investigator they will no longer be able to make changes to their ownership structure/ location until they have completed the licensing process. If an applicant needs to make changes to their application, the application will be placed on hold for six months. Doing so allows our investigators to focus their efforts on those applicants who are ready to go right now and allows those applicants who are not ready more time to get their affairs in order.

Examples of Changes Not Allowed During the Initial Licensing Process

  • Changes from a sole proprietorship to another entity such as an LLC or Corporation
  • Changes in true parties of interest and financiers
  • Moving a producer or processor location (some exceptions are available for retail store locations due to the outcome of the upcoming lottery)
  • Change of location 

If you have any additional questions please contact your License Investigator. Thank you.

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