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Marijuana Infused Products Approval Process

Marijuana Infused Products Approval Process

Marijuana-infused product, label, and package approval process:
A marijuana processor licensee must obtain approval from the liquor control board for all marijuana-infused products, labeling, and packaging prior to offering these items for sale to a marijuana retailer. The marijuana processor licensee must submit a photo of the product, labeling, and packaging to the liquor control board for approval. The photo(s) provided shall be of sufficient clarity to illustrate the requirements outlined below.

A marijuana processor producing a marijuana-infused solid or liquid product meant to be ingested orally in a processing facility as required in WAC 314-55-015(10) must pass a processing facility inspection prior to the request for approval of a marijuana-infused product.

  • The marijuana processor licensee must send an email requesting approval with the required information to rules@liq.wa.gov [1].
  • A decision will be sent to the licensee within two working days from the receipt of the required information. If additional information or detail is needed to make a decision, board staff will email the licensee within two working days with a request for additional information.
  • If the decision is to deny the product, label, or packaging, the original notice may only be notification that the decision is to disapprove the product, label, or packaging. A detailed notice will follow outlining the specific basis for the disapproval, and the licensee’s right to an administrative appeal.
  • Marijuana-infused products in solid form that contain more than one serving must be scored to indicate individual serving sizes, and labeled so that the serving size is prominently displayed on the packaging. The photo submitted must illustrate how the serving sizes are indicated on the product and the label or packaging.
  • Marijuana products, labels, or packaging that are designed to be especially appealing to children are prohibited.
  • Marijuana-infused products must be homogenized to ensure uniform disbursement of cannabinoids throughout the product.
  • All marijuana-infused products must state on the label, “This product contains marijuana”.
  • All marijuana-infused products must meet all label and packaging requirements in WAC 314-55-105 [2].
  • A marijuana processor may only infuse the types of food or drinks to create marijuana-infused solid or liquid products meant to be ingested orally, that may be sold by marijuana retailers (see WAC 314-55-077 [3]).

If the liquor control board denies a marijuana-infused product, label, or packaging for sale to marijuana retailers, the marijuana processor licensee may request an administrative hearing per chapter 34.05 RCW, Administrative Procedure Act [4].

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